Welcome to The Puppy Rescue Mission

Current Rescues



Stetson's Story ~ "On October 17, 2014 I found my new bestfriend. While conducting a patrol in the area, I noticed a dog that looked extremely skinny and that had obviously been nursing pups. I had a piece of beef jerky, so I approached her and I could immediately tell she was going to be very…

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Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot: A Compound Cat He is a very interesting cat. He has been at the camp for years and he keeps everyone from getting their work done because he enjoys their desks. He has a special friend that is rescuing him but she will not be home for a while so he will be fostered in the USA until…

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Zeus' Story: The momma dog we have named Zeva has 3 puppies and they were born outside a camp in Afghanistan. They do not have soldiers to take them home to the USA but they were cared for and rescued by State Department employees that brought them to the facility. We could not say no to saving…

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Coffee medical care

Coffee is a rescue from Afghanistan that has a tumor and some heart issues that need treatment. It will cost approximately $3000 for her treatment and we want to help this soldier with her care.  He has recently adopted both Coffee and Cream and was under the impression they were healthy. When she…

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Other Ways to Donate

There are many other ways to help Puppy Rescue Mission.  You can also help by donating to our General Fund, which helps us to provide medication and shelter to the animals while they await their trips to the United States.

If you would like, you may also have your donation specifically be used to purchase crates or puppy food.  Also, don’t forget to check out the fundraisers we are involved with and our Puppy Rescue Mission store offering t-shirts, gift items and more.