Welcome to The Puppy Rescue Mission

Current Rescues

Ali of Kuwait

Meet Ali of Kuwait: "She is about 6 months old and very sweet. She lives by a dumpster in Kuwait off the highway. She is the only puppy that will come right up to you and let you pet her. I want to rescue her and get her back to the states because it kills me seeing her out there every few days…

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Charlie of Turkey

Meet Charles E Porkchop aka CHARLIE: "Charlie is a dog that started hanging out at our site not that long ago but he has already won my heart over. He has a great personality and is constantly smiling. I want to ensure that after we are finished with our journey in this country that he has a…

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Meet Sandy: "She was found roaming the streets of Fujairah clearly abused and malnourished. Ever since we have started taking care of her and showing her nothing but love, she is a completely different pup. I am doing everything possible to raise enough money to pay for her veterinary bills along…

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Deja, Dioge & Dash of Lebanon

Meet Deja, Dioge and Dash of Lebanon: "I am currently deployed in Lebanon. My teammates and I are set to head back to the states around the middle of January. I'm contacting you because we rescued 3 puppies from our base that were extremely malnourished and probably not going to make it through…

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Kimber of Turkey

Meet Kimber of Turkey: "I discovered this girl laying on our base, near our housing area. She was on the ground and she wasn’t moving. I approached her concerned that she might actually be dead. As I approached her tail started to wag and she looked at me, but other than that she wasn’t…

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Other Ways to Donate

There are many other ways to help Puppy Rescue Mission.  You can also help by donating to our General Fund, which helps us to provide medication and shelter to the animals while they await their trips to the United States.

If you would like, you may also have your donation specifically be used to purchase crates or puppy food.  Also, don’t forget to check out the fundraisers we are involved with and our Puppy Rescue Mission store offering t-shirts, gift items and more.