Welcome to The Puppy Rescue Mission

Current Rescues


Meet Mo~ "Upon movement to our Pick-Up location from a successful raid of a Taliban stronghold I spotted a puppy laying in an open field. He was unable to move and close to death. Flies covered his body and I knew if I didn’t grab him he would die. He slept through his first helicopter ride…

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Meet Moralka: "Moralka also known as Santa’s Little Helper is looking to get to a safe and friendly place before Christmas rolls around. He’s had a kill order placed on him because he’s not allowed to be on the base here in Al Udeid. We constantly have crews deployed out here that look…

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Meet Ammo~ We have an amazing Christmas story to share with all of you. We received rescue request to help this beautiful dog Ammo to come to America. His story is not the typical story we share... You see his daddy who rescued him was injured in Afghanistan and sent home to America due to his…

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Lady Freya

Meet Lady Freya~Goddess of War~ "When I first arrived to this location I noticed an extremely thin and filthy dog digging into trash to try and get food. She was very timid of people yet friendly, I believe she was beaten and treated as a trash dog by the locals who for the most part do not like…

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Bandit of Syria

Meet Bandit of Syria~ "Bandit was found on what we call a “lava run” in a tunnel all alone. His mother abandoned him and he was left to fend for himself. When we found bandit he was tiny, he is still small because he is young, but he is steadily putting on weight and growing. He is sweet and…

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Achilles of Afghanistan

Meet Achilles of Afghanistan~ "We found this poor baby struggling all alone in the harsh environment in southern Afghanistan where the summers are extremely hot, dry, and dusty. He was all alone and trying to protect himself from other dogs and people. He would growl and run from us as best he…

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Other Ways to Donate

There are many other ways to help Puppy Rescue Mission.  You can also help by donating to our General Fund, which helps us to provide medication and shelter to the animals while they await their trips to the United States.

If you would like, you may also have your donation specifically be used to purchase crates or puppy food.  Also, don’t forget to check out the fundraisers we are involved with and our Puppy Rescue Mission store offering t-shirts, gift items and more.