Welcome to The Puppy Rescue Mission

Current Rescues


Maggie of Turkey

Meet Maggie of Turkey: "Maggie was brought up onto our mountain by a Turk for another Turk and when he saw her he decided he didn’t want her. So she wondered around for about a day and I decided to take her in and take care of her. About a month went by and I decided id like to rescue her and…

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Titus of Turkey

Meet Titus of Turkey: "Titus was brought to us from a local farm. He was skinny and hips were showing. We fed him and loved on him. Now he is a playful puppy that loves to follow people around and play with the other dogs. Titus will be going to a family of three where he will have a baby to…

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Shadow of Turkey

Meet Shadow of Turkey: "Shadow also known as Golge in Turkey is a Belgian Malanois that was not able to complete her Military Training due to her fun and free spirit. She wants to play not work which can happen with dogs in the program. She came to the attention of the airman serving at a base…

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Marine Charlie

Meet Marine Charlie of Afghanistan: "Charlie was a young pup when our unit came to Afghanistan. He befriended all the Americans in the area. Due to our rules, we cannot "keep" a pet, but our daily visits to our Afghan partners allows much interaction. He is sweet and playful. We have had…

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2017 Neda’s Fund

"We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon." Franklin D.Roosevelt Our Primary mission is to help bring home the companions to our soldiers serving in a war zone. These companions already have homes waiting for…

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Other Ways to Donate

There are many other ways to help Puppy Rescue Mission.  You can also help by donating to our General Fund, which helps us to provide medication and shelter to the animals while they await their trips to the United States.

If you would like, you may also have your donation specifically be used to purchase crates or puppy food.  Also, don’t forget to check out the fundraisers we are involved with and our Puppy Rescue Mission store offering t-shirts, gift items and more.