Winston of Afghanistan

Meet Winston of Afghanistan~

“This is Winston, he is from a large city in northern Afghanistan. He came to us as a gift from a local to be our camp/ team dog. We are a special forces team and we were gladly to take in this youngster. He is an awesome dog. Great personality, loves to play with his kong, tennis balls and whatever we throw for him. He stays on our compound and actually sleeps inside a couple guys rooms at night. He is almost house broken already and absolutely loves the attention he gets from caring people. He tends to be a little mouthy at times but that’s just his little puppy teeth wanting to play. He plays around with the camp cat as well and seems to get along well with him even though the cat doesn’t like to play at times. Winston is already eating real dog food and has the foundation to be a great family dog in the states. We would like to bring him back because even though we didn’t plan on having him, we took him in and gave him a chance. We took him off the streets and showed him what a real life is. It would be unfair to let him back on the streets. Our compound is located on a german base and we fear that after we leave the germans will exterminate him as they have a zero policy for animals on base. So in the end we just want to give him the chance to live out a life he has already started. Our motto in special forces is De Oppresso Liber which means “free the oppressed” in this case Winston may not be a human but we want to free him from an other than caring society. ”

Winston is headed to the great state of Washington!