As written by Trever’s soldier:

Trever Dog“We have had Trever for a little over a month now and it’s no surprise how quickly he’s become a member of our tight knit family. I’ve received several compliments from dog owners on the base that he has one of the best personalties they’ve ever seen in a young puppy; extremely friendly, outgoing, and trusting. He’s well taken care of by everyone on the team and we’ve received several puppy care packages including dog food, puppy vitamins, chew toys, flea repellent, and dog shampoo. He stole the show after I started posting pictures of him on FB. I’ve heard of a couple of guys who’ve taken dogs home from Afghanistan and they spent around $3000. When I told the guys I’m considering taking him home, some said they would help pay but I could always use more help as well as more information on how to go about this in the first place.”
Trever is home in the US!