Thor of Turkey

Meet Thor of Turkey:

“His name is Thor, Thor is one of the kindest dogs I have ever came across in any of my deployments. Thor has mentality that he would rather have human attention then eat the food being offered to him. Of course he loves to get the best of both worlds once he starts eating to have human affection as well. Thor’s body is starting to take a toll as a stray from getting beat up by other strays. Still healthy as can be as I write this though! After a fight he always comes back to a spot that has alot of human traffic in hopes to be looked at and also to know he is safe. Thor is an absolute sweetheart but I have a theory into his constant need for human affection. Thor is spayed which makes me think that he has had a family before. Here in Turkey families had to be evacuated close to a year ago which makes me think he loans for a family that he once had. You can see the desperateness of love in his eyes. If you for some reason can’t see the look in his eyes he will simply put his head your lap just wanting to held.”