RESCUE UPDATE (March 2, 2014): Tank is a miracle. While in Afghanistan he was living in the vehicle parking lot of the base. He was super scared pup and his soldier was taking care of him while Tank aka Tucker was hiding from everyone and everything. He arrived to the USA to the wife of the soldier and he was exhibiting extreme fear aggression. After a year of lots of work with Tank here he is today. Its truly a miracle: From his Soldier’s Family:

Tank-happy tail“Anna ~ I just wanted to share an update with you and the PRM family. You may recall Tank did not have an easy transition from Afghanistan to his new home here in the US and was quite aggressive. However, we did not give up on him and through lots of training and love, Tank made it through to the other side. I call him “Tank the miracle dog” as this could have easily gone the other way. It still blows my mind remembering the puppy he used to be and seeing the dog he has become. He actually is starting to tolerate my kisses now and doesn’t get up immediately every time I try to snuggle him; he will be a love puppy before we know it!

We enrolled him in Agility Training classes at our local kennel that we use when we have to travel for work and he absolutely loves it! He is so excited whenever we go. Here’s an action shot of him going over a jump at their Olympics the other week; he is such a happy puppy now!

I just wanted to let you know how great he is doing and thank you again for all that you and the PRM do for our Soldiers and our puppies.”