Swish the cat

Meet Swish the cat~

“I arrived to my location for 6 month deployment in the late spring of this year. We were briefed that there were some feral cats within the base and that we weren’t supposed to feed or try to socialize with them as an order from the top. About halfway through the deployment we noticed this little short haired cat with a poofy tail hanging out under an air conditioner drinking condensation. He was very thin and skittish around us at first but started warming up to us when a couple of us started giving him scraps of whatever we could find. I named him Swish because of his poofy tail while being a short haired cat. At first he would only eat if we left after giving him food, but soon started eating around us. I showed him to family and friends back home, who helped support him by sending cat treats in the mail. After a while he got comfortable enough to be fed by hand and started coming by daily and began following us around outside. He is now a regular companion at the shop and every day he gets a little more comfortable and has started letting us pet him. I’ll go outside in the evening to talk to friends and family, and Swish will be waiting for me up against the door (which we have to be careful opening now!) I’ll give him treats and he’ll sit with me for hours at the end of the day. I haven’t been able to pick him up yet, but he’s learning to trust us quickly.

I worry about what will happen to Swish when I go home in two months. He had a tooth infection for a while which made it hard for him to eat. I’ve also had to chase out a fox that crept up while Swish was with me. He’s a good kitty who needs a home and I’d like to be the one to give it to him. I know that he’s been able to take care of himself for this long, but this is a harsh environment for anything that lives here and I just want to bring him in from the heat and give him a good home.”