Surgery for Miles

Miles arrived Tuesday from Afghanistan. His compound fracture is being repaired today with a plate and bone graft. The good news is it will not be amputated. He is a sweet patient and all that have met him are amazed how gentle he is for a dog that is probably in pain. He will also get the snip-snip too while he is in surgery so no little Miles in the future. Please help us get his surgery covered by donating to this fundraiser. More updates to come and keep Sweet Miles in your thoughts and prayers while he undergoes his surgery and his recuperation in the weeks to come. Thank you!

Meet Miles of Afghanistan:
“Miles lives in Afghanistan. His leg has a compound break, and he needs surgery very badly. He was clearly abused by someone, but is still loving, and has a wonderful temperament. Despite all he’s been through, he still loves everyone that comes near him, and wags his tail when you pet his face. Miles was injured some time ago, according to the vet, but sought help at the compound where my boyfriend works in Afghanistan. He came late one night and cried outside my boyfriend’s office until he heard Miles and went out to investigate. After food and fresh water, Miles was coached into the compound so he’d never have to face abuse again. Now it’s time to bring this loving baby home and get him spoiled.” *** Miles is now to the shelter in Kabul and getting all the vetting he can at this time. He had surgery and they removed a bone fragment and now the healing has begun. His leg is actually healing very quickly. Time is of the essence to get this beauty to the USA.
From the Soldiers Girlfriend: “This is Miles. Despite a history of abuse and a very infected compound break on his leg, he’s a very loving dog looking forward to a forever home in America alongside the troops he met in Afghanistan. He wandered into the compound late one night and lay down behind a building to cry in the dark. When my boyfriend heard him, he went out to investigate and found Miles on top of the perimeter berm. Miles was given some food but limped off before he could be taken in. A couple of months later he showed up, a little less skittish, and allowed my boyfriend to carry him back into the compound where he could be safe. Now he’s at a rescue facility in Kabul City, but they do not have the capability to give Miles the extensive trauma treatment that he needs. Because Miles has had a rough enough life, it’s time for him to come to the U.S., where he can get the level of treatment he needs and a forever home with the person he sought out that cold night in the rain.”

From the Soldier: “Miles is timid but affectionate, despite all the pain he’s in, and loves to have his face rubbed. Throughout all the inspections of his leg, he never snarled or growled, and has shown uncommon bravery throughout his ordeal. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, and we’re asking for help to get not only the medical treatment, but the required documents to bring him home to the States. Little Miles has had it rough. I’m really hoping he can keep the leg, but he’s going to be greatly loved and well taken care of in whatever perfect form he ends up in. My mom said she’d get him a little buggy to push him around in the park if he can’t walk all that far. He’s a very good boy, and loves to have his neck rubbed. He almost fell asleep standing up like that, but I caught him as he wobbled over. I just want to get him home so he’ll know that nobody will ever hurt him again. Thank you so much for making that possible!!

Thank you for all your help! Let me know if you need anything else!”