Subutai of Iraq

Meet Subutai of Iraq~

Besides the lush, green valley and snowcapped peaks, the thing that most sets Kurdistan apart from the rest of Iraq is the dogs. Unlike further south, they are not scrawny, skittish, diseased, or hated. Rather they large, well fed, sociable, and, even when wild, are rarely abused by the locals. This is because the Kurds are historically shepherds and have worked with dogs for thousands of years. The result is are big, mountain breeds, incredibly loyal and willing to protect their family at any cost. When a Kurdish friend told me that his dogs had just had a litter of puppies I knew I had to have one. As soon as I saw little Subutai I knew I had to take him home. Not because I pity the life of a dog in Kurdistan and want to rescue one, but because these dogs are fantastic. They are a wonderful breed and make the ideal family dog. The last few months of taking care of Subutai have only confirmed that. My family has always kept working dogs and the opportunity to bring a Kangal-mix into our home is too good to pass up. I look forward to many years of Subutai sleeping at the foot of my bed, joining me on hikes, automatically watching over the youngest member of the family, and patrolling the property because keeping his herd safe is what makes him most happy. Not to mention, he is one good looking dog.