Stella of Africa

Meet Stella of Africa:

“So over the past 24 years of military service I have been to Germany, Korea, Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan and a few other places where we have had pets/mascots at our sites. Unfortunately the last 10 years we moved around a lot. The last two places we had to leave the animals behind hoping to see them again when we made it back to those locations in a few months. Sometimes we did and sometimes we didn’t, and even when we where able to stay at one location for a few months they would turn up missing. Most of these place where less than desirable so having a friendly four legged face to greet you when we finished a mission at the end of the day for some was a highlight.
The place in Africa that I am at now has a lot of stray dogs and more maimed and injured than I’ve seen in the other countries I’ve been to. The puppy (approx 8 months old) that I’m trying to get back came from a litter of four. The guys here told me that the hyenas got the other three about six months ago and the other strays that run in packs sometimes are physically injured by monkeys or any other number of predators over here. I understand I can’t save them all and I’m not trying to. I also realize there are plenty of shelters back home but getting to interact with this one makes a big difference and would be nice to see her grow with my family from start to finish.”