Stan the Cat

Meet Stan the Little Man:

“During the summer months a new group of young cats arrived at our facility. While they were all adorable, our little Stan was so vocal. He would sit in the walkway and yell at everyone who came near him. He even chased after us, yelling the entire way. Over the course of the following months, we would sit with him and talk to him and he would chatter back to us in a friendlier tone. Then we started playing with him and trying to pet him. Eventually, he allowed us to pet him. He stopped yelling at everyone, I think because he knew how much we enjoyed being with him. He became our little mayor, greeting everyone. Hanging out in the sitting area. Chatting away with all of us. Letting us pet him and love on him. So many people report on his status throughout the day, asking have you seen our boy today or he’s sitting here or sleeping there. He brings so many of us joy and we are so happy to know that he has a forever home waiting for him with his new family! “