Spike the Kitty

Meet Spike the Kitty:

“I am currently nearing the end of my deployment in the country of Jordan. My first three months of my tour were hear. As always there was your typical stray cats and dogs running around the base. Out of those strays there was one friendly cat and one friendly dog. Even though they were nice you could tell it was only in the hopes of food. After three months I went on to another base I once again came across more strays. In my time there I managed to warm up to a runt of a cat that was always being attacked by the other cats. It was satisfying and a unique feeling having this once timid cat now look forward to seeing me everyday. Before I knew it I was leaving to head back to Jordan once again. Once I was back it was only a couple weeks later that meet Spike for the first time. I was walking to chow when I saw this fluffy gray cat walking off to the side. Out of habit I called for the cat not expecting a response. To my surprise the cat looked over and walked right up. Instead of bagging it just wanted affection. At first I only spotted this cat every few day. I always called for it and every time it came right to me. Then one day I walked into one of the day rooms to call my family and found Spike sleeping on the couch. When I sat down she got up and hoped onto my lap. She just laid there purring. Soon after she was gone. I just found out she was caught and sent to a shelter. I also found out that she is currently pregnant. The vet told me that she is to domesticated to make it through the winter and at one point I knew I could help. I currently have no pets back home and was planning on getting a cat once back. After meeting Spike I couldn’t think of a better fit for my home.”