Meet Smokey~

“Smokey was abandoned by his mother as the runt of the litter. His 4 litter mates remained with her, but Smokey was chased off to fend for himself. As a smart little guy, he worked his puppy charms and has since become the ECP dog. He enjoys helping to lift the gates and sniffing people who enter the compound. He’s a sweet boy who desperately needs a bath and a warm bed to sleep on. Getting to see him every day is a sunny spot in an otherwise dusty place. This is my first deployment in a unique, often stressful job, and Smokey makes me (and my teammates!) feel a little less homesick. He has become reliant on the guards at the ECP to care for him and I know that when we leave, he’ll have to fend for himself again. I’d like to take care of him so he isn’t abandoned yet again.”