Smokes Happy Tail2012- Army Soldier Evan’s puppy Ranger died in Afghanistan. We were devastated along with Evan being so sad about this happening. One puppy that was with Darren G needed a family. Darren was in the Wardak Province and had befriended and started caring for a litter.  Smoke was one of the litter. We asked Evan if he would like to adopt Smoke.

2014 – Today (February 18, 2014) is Smoke’s 2 year “USA Gotcha” Anniversary. From Evan’s Mother: “Two years ago today I picked up a scared, skinny little puppy covered in poop at Logan Airport. I can’t say thank you enough to the Puppy Rescue Mission and all the people who made that possible. His soldier arrived home from Afghanistan safely a few months after. Smoke is 100 plus pounds and is Evan’s best friend. God bless you!”