Siri of Iraq

Meet Siri of Iraq:

“I first met Siri when she was a tiny pup, she must have been about 2 months old. Me and my coworkers found her wandering around the base, she was so happy to meet and play with us, she followed us back to the tent that we work in. We fed her and gave her water. Unfortunately we learned that she was owned by some locals who were trying to make her into a guard dog by starving her, soon they came looking for her. Several weeks go by, we see her occasionally when she manages to escape the locals, she is always so excited to see us, we always slip her some food before she gets caught again. Eventually her owners give up on making her a vicious guard dog, she must have been too sweet. After she got kicked out of her old home she moved in with us. It has been great having her with us, she brings happiness and excitement to an otherwise onerous and dull place. I have grown very attached to her and train her regularly. So far she knows sit, lay down and fetch. I would love to be able to give her a better life in the States.”

Siri is headed to Utah to live with her soldier and family. She is going to love it there!