Shifty of Jordan

Meet Shifty of Jordan~

“I arrived in Jordan with very low expectations due to the fact that unit as a whole was in a more “actionable” area of operations and I was being sent to Jordan as part of a advisory mission. The work was fulfilling but a slow and tedious. I ended up at ta location with a smaller team and a unit to advise. I was isolated. The best part the camp dog! Her name was Anne. Named after Anne Frank because when she was a puppy the team there was told she couldn’t be around in fear that she would be forcibly removed by the locals. So the Marines took her in and took care of her for a number of cycles until she was apart of the team. She was already a few years old upon our arrival but she kept other more feral dogs from gaining access to the base in exchange for tender love and care that the marines provided. Food from the chow hall but also proper dog food from out in town. She was a huge moral booster and kept us focused on work while we worked and always visited for “petting” which we had no issue providing at any time. Some time passed as my position there became permanent and we noticed she appeared to be pregnant! Whaaaa! Anne had found some desert loving and was gonna be a momma. We of course went from being uniformed professionals to bunch of little kids excited for their dog to have puppies. We did our part to make sure she had comfort building a dog house but she refused to use it so my girlfriend was kind enough to send some treats and dietary tips for her, she was a vet tech for years and made some suggestions of some food we could track down in town. So we did and it became our daily ritual in the afternoon, I’d go to lunch and on my way out she’d be waiting and follow me back to the house. I’d fetch her a treat and she take off to her happy place to eat it. Months this went on. Then she gave birth to what seemed to be a dozen pups but it turned out to be 7-8 puppies. We knew to give her space let her nurse in peace we kept up with the dog food and treats until on one afternoon on the 22nd of Feb she visited like normal and seemed to be around us with a sense of urgency, like walking up to us and walking away then back and forth back and forth. Like she wanted us to follow her so we did and she lead us to her happy place and was able to get the pups to crawl out as if to show off “look what I made!” Each Marine took one to pet and show it love ever so carefully and that’s when I met Shifty. He was perfect, seemed a bit over whelmed by all of this since it was all new but I held him tucked him into my cammies to keep him warm because it was kind of a gloomy day and I thought to myself sh*t…I’m in love with this dog lol. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to return in time to prep for main body movement back but the guys there send photos almost everyday since then. I want to rescue Shifty. My girlfriend and I are getting serious and I’d like to have a family one day and I want Shifty to be part of that.”