Setara of Afghanistan

Meet Setara~

She is 1 of 6 puppies that soldiers have rescued in the Kandahar area Afghanistan.

“A litter of puppies was found in a box by our pest control guy dumped and left to die. Myself and a couple other animal lovers at the trauma hospital immediately pulled together and helped him with all 6 puppies to keep them fed and nursed back to health. I grew especially attached to my little girl with freckles on her nose. She always made me feel better and gave me so much emotional relief from treating all of these combat casualties with amputated limbs and gunshot wounds through the head. I can’t imagine leaving her now. She’s too young and too precious and she won’t make it on her own if I don’t get her out of here. She has to be released outside the base. She deserves all the love that she is so anxious to give. Please help me get this little girl back home with me.”

Setara is Washington DC bound!