Sasha’s Legacy

Sasha’s Legacy was formed in order to assist the Battle Buddies of those soldiers who are unable to adopt them themselves, but want to keep them safe and protected from the harsh and brutal living conditions for animals in Afghanistan. These dogs and cats help our troops get through their toughest and lowest days while enduring the realities of war themselves.



In return, our soldiers want to protect them from harm. Although not every soldier is in a position to adopt their battle buddy once they return home, they nonetheless go to great lengths to get their companions to the shelter to guarantee that these special animals aren’t abused or killed once they depart. Because the shelter is limited in space and resources, The Puppy Rescue Mission helps to find wonderful permanent homes and to raise the funds needed to get them there. This is our way of thanking them for their service to our troops and their soldiers are very relieved to know that their battle buddy gets the “happily ever after” they so rightly deserve.

Sasha DogWe have named this effort after Sasha, who bravely gave her life while protecting our troops from a suicide bomber on a military base in Afghanistan. Along with Target and Rufus, they helped to save the lives of 50 soldiers. In honor of Sasha who sacrificed her life that day in order to save those whom she loved, we have established Sasha’s Legacy to ensure that the strays of Afghanistan are protected in return.

To see the dogs that are available for adoption at this time, visit us at Sasha’s Legacy Facebook page.

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