As written by Sadie’s soldier:

Sadie Dog“We were burning our garbage one day and saw some puppies and went to check them out. One pup looked cute so I caught her but she yelped and screamed. Her yelping caused mom, Shelia, to come over. I put the pup down and pet mom so she would see i didn’t want to hurt the pup. The pup then came up and stomped her paw on the top of my foot so I picked her back up. The second time she did not yelp or whine or anything she was content to just be held and pet by us. We set the pup down and I started to walk back to our compound and she followed us. We left her with her mom for the night so I could clear it with my bunk mates but they said bring her in. The next day we went back out and brought her “home” with us. We had her in our tent for a couple of weeks but our chain of command found out and we had to put her back. I go see Sadie at least once a day more if i can. She is a great puppy and is 15 weeks old at the oldest. I would like to take her home because we are surrounded by an active mine field and have seen local nationals beat the dog just because they can. She is to cute and good to be stuck with that kind of life, I would like to give her a home that’s warm has plenty of food and she never has to worry about getting beaten or blown up.”