Meet Roscoe~

“A few weeks after arriving in country two very thin dogs (Sheba and Dash) starting poking there nose around our operating area. Sheba is white husky-ish looking and a bit shy, something tells me she hasn’t had the best experience with humans but dash the black lab immediately jumped in my lap once I gave him the chance. Our entire crew started to become fairly attached to these two dogs and of course these dogs continued to show face because we were sharing our “delicious” DFAC food with them. As the days went on apparently the puppy word spread and we are now up to 5 desert dogs! (Sheba, Dash, Millie, Stella aka Potato and Roscoe) All of which seem to be very capable in providing for themselves expect one… Roscoe. Not the runt but he’s the sweetest and seems to have a problem with his back hip or leg. He’s always the first to greet me when I show up and as hard as it is for him to walk he tries his hardest to keep up with me where ever I am going. His motor skills aren’t the best and he will never be the hunter he needs to be to survive in this area.

Coming towards the end of tour I have been counting down the days to return state side but it only just hit me that that means I would have to leave Roscoe behind. Unless every unit coming and going at this location provides for him he won’t make it long. We’ve already had threats from the health department on base not to feed “wild animals” and have started planting dog traps around area. I don’t want to leave and have Roscoe removed from base and dropped off somewhere he won’t be provided for.”

Roscoe is Minnesota Bound with the help of all of you!