Rocky of Afghanistan

Meet Rocky of Afghanistan~
“Rocky was brought to me at Camp Stevenson’s Base, by local soldiers that wanted to keep him for fighting purposes. I left on R&R and upon my return, I found out they (local soldiers) had cold blooded cut his ears and his tail, so that he could become a fighting dog. Needless to say how upset that made me. I’ve decided to rescue him and take him home to America. Hence, we named him Rocky (fighter Rocky Balboa) for his fighting spirit; however, this time, he will be fighting for his life out of this country.

Rocky is a sweet little pup who loves to be cuddled. He is playful and responds to commands already. He is a smart little fellow and will be easily trainable. He is a gorgeous little fluffy ball.”

“I heard of Rocky through my girlfriend’s mother who is deployed in Afghanistan. My entire life I have had dogs and I know of all the positive effects that they have on humans. For the past year I have been needing a dog in my life. One that I can spend time with and love and also to feel the unconditional love that they unselfishly give. I enjoy an outdoor life filled with runs, hiking, site seeing, and I would love nothing more but to share that with a dog I can have by my side.

I did research on the breed and how they are used for fights by the Afghans; fights that ultimately result in death. This made my stomach turn. Not only did his adorable face steal my heart and I instantly felt connected, but this fact was my final confirmation for adopting him.

His name is Rocky Balboa, inspired by the icon boxing fighter. Rocky was meant to be taken for dog fighting, but instead Rocky will be fighting for his life. I am here, to give Rocky a life worth fighting for. I want to give Rocky a loving, caring, and safe home. The one that he ultimately deserves.”