From her soldier:

Rita DogRita was about three or four weeks old when she was found by soldiers on my team and purchased from a group of Afghan kids who were dragging and kicking her in a burlap bag. She had a very difficult time adjusting to the new environment due to how young she was, her previous treatment and the complete change of atmosphere including people and a new language. We had some dog food left at from a military dog handler, but she was so young, it took a while before she was eating regularly. Everone on my team really fell in love with her and most had packages mailed for her with everything from flea collars to organic doggie snacks. With constant protection against locals who would mistreat her and a little training, she has grown into a very loving and loyal dog. It was decided that I would be able to provide the best home for Rita and we came up with as much money collectively as we could afford. After a long and difficult trip, she is safe at the shelter, has been spayed and is waiting to continue her journey to my home in the States.”

Rita is home in the US!