Rambo of Iraq

Meet Rambo:

“About two months ago, one of the local Peshmerga guards on our base brought this dog to our small Camp. He was very friendly with everybody on Camp. We thought originally it was a working dog, there to act as a bomb sniffing dog. I noticed he was always tied up to a short chain, near the guard shack. The dog, Rambo, never searched any cars or performed any duties. He just stayed, tied up all day near the guard shack of the front gate. Coming in the gate one day, I noticed Rambo’s chain was wrapped up around his stomach. I pointed to him and told the guard about it. The guard, looked at Rambo, shrugged and walked away. I pulled over walked up to Rambo and began to unwrap him. Rambo made it difficult because all he wanted to do was play. He had no water, despite the temperature being 118 degrees.

That night, I started looking into why Rambo was at our base. Turns out, Rambo was in training as a working dog but didn’t make it through. The guard was able to get him and instead of taking him home, he tied him up at our camp. At the time Rambo was wrapped up in the chain, his “owner” was home on vacation. That confirmed with me, that the owner had no intention on making this dog a part of his family. That is when I decided Rambo was coming home with me.

I made sure that Rambo was always fed and had plenty of water as well what he craved most, attention. Unfortunately, I left and came back to the states before the guard returned from vacation. I set a plan to have one of the interpreters tell the guard that Rambo would be better off being sent to America, where he would live with a family who would take care of him. Rambo’s owner actually agreed. He realized you can’t leave a dog tied up to a short leash all day out in the desert. Rambo will enjoy a nice big back fenced in back yard with plenty of love and attention.”

We have to get this dog to his Soldier in the USA. Please help by donating today. Maryland BOUND!