Meet Ramali:

“While on patrol around the outside of our base, we came across an old compound that we noticed a few dogs were living in. Being curious to the living conditions, we explored the area and noticed there was 5 puppies living there. The momma of the puppies was rather scared and would run off anytime we came around so we offered the puppies food and water. It became routine for us to feed and water the pups everyday during both shifts we have. As days went on, a few of us became rather attached to these puppies. We began worrying about them all the time. Two of the puppies had started to look very sick and got to the point they refused to eat. After a few days, we drove up and noticed one had disappeared and one had passed away. At that moment, we knew we needed to do something for these poor puppies. They didn’t have any source of water except what we brought to them. They were living in a place that looked similar to a junk yard. They created their own holes in the sand to stay warm at night. After talking to my family and looking into options we had, I decided it was a great idea to rescue Ramali. I have two boys at home who adore animals and considering they are curious as to where mommy is and I am here missing both their birthdays, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to introduce a new member of the family. I have been asked by a few people, “why don’t you just adopt a dog at home, one that is homeless in America?” I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that question because quite frankly, Ramali was the only puppy I have thought about. The bond we created with those puppies is something that will stick forever. It is a story that can be told for years and will never mean nearly as much in any other situation. I feel that these puppies will be a part of my deployment memories and the fact that I have the chance to save Ramali means the world to me.”