Ralphie of Kuwait

Meet Ralphie of Kuwait:

“I was conducting a patrol when I came across Ralphie in a building which had been blown up in the previous war. He was very friendly and eager to come up to me when I pulled by vehicle up to the building. Someone must have seen him before because a make shift shelter was present and the name “Ralphie” written on a piece of cardboard. There was some water but no food. I decided the next night I was going to patrol was the night I took him to the vet on base.

The next night I went out Ralphie was still there to greet me. I wrapped him into a blanket and brought him to the vet. Ralphie is a sweet, silly, and calm dog. He does get nervous sometimes and can’t control his bladder, but that is something that can be fixed with age. I cannot imagine that someone would not want this little bundle of fur. To me he looks like a german shepherd mix but he is very friendly. Ralphie was very eager to see me a second time and I feel he deserves a better home back in the US. On my patrols I see a lot of wild dogs around. To me Ralphie was different because he was so trusting of me and I’m sure other people who went to see him as well agree. Ralphie did not seem feral and I felt he needed to be rescued.”