Pooh Bear of Turkey

Meet Pooh Bear of Turkey~

“Pooh Bear has endured a lot in her life and the scars are a reminder of her past. Yet, surprisingly, her past does not seem to faze her. She is a caring and gentle soul that only wants to be loved. Shortly after I arrived on site, Pooh Bear gave birth to a litter of puppies, but unfortunately only one pup survived. It was hard to see her grieve the loss of her puppies, but she is one darn good mama to her little pup, Patron

Getting to see Pooh Bear and her pup became the highlight of my day, bringing a sense of calm and friendly faces into some long and hectic days. While Pooh Bear’s puppy is already set to go to a loving family, I wanted to do what I could do within my control to make sure Pooh Bear gets the love that she also deserves. When my family saw the impact Pooh Bear had on me, there was no question that they wanted to open their home to her. Pooh Bear was there for me when I needed her most and now I plan to be there for her, giving her a carefree future filled with a loving family to call her own.”