Meet Pippa~

“We found Pip on the HLZ just outside of our camp. Pip was originally name Poncho due to a misidentification of her gender. We decided to audible since everyone agreed Pip was more suitable for a girl. We had gone out to train during the day and when we returned to our vehicles we found Pip hiding in some of our equipment. She was very small and afraid. One of the guys on the team picked her and up and gave her some water and attention. We waited with her on the LZ for a while to see if she would wander off back to her mother but she just stayed put with us. We decided she was most likely abandoned so we took her back to our camp and gave her some food, attention, and a blanket to sleep on. At the time, we knew her presence on the camp wouldn’t be appreciated but we did it anyway. After a few days of getting fed regularly, drinking clean water, and getting a couple baths she became much livelier and puppy like. She especially loves to run on our small strip of turf outside of our gym and chase medicine balls we roll down the turf for her. It soon got out that there was a puppy on the camp and the Camp commandant kicked her off, everyone was pretty dejected by this when we went to bed. However, the next morning everyone was delighted to find her running around the camp happy as can be. She is a very clever little dog and had managed to sneak back on to a US fortified camp I the middle of the night. This happened twice but she found her way back both times. At this point the collective decided she could stay and she been with us ever since. The original intent was to let her stay and hand her off to the next team but complications arose when we found out they are bringing a military working dog. The group discussed what to do and decided to contact puppy rescue mission since she has grown on all of us. We then finalized our plan for who will take her and how it will work out. Significant others were informed and are on board as well, Pip Face Times with myself and Jessica fairly regularly. I can’t wait to get her settled in to a new life and look forward to our future together.”