Petey of Turkey

Meet Petey of Turkey:
I have a family waiting for me in New York!

“The puppies were one of the best things to happen while we were deployed. The mom was very shy and uncomfortable around us but seemed to understand that we were there to help, so she just watched as we fed and cleaned the little pups. Everyday we watched them grow and become more confident. They were immediately the most important thing to us. Long days out in the sun became joyful playing with and caring for the pups. Petey would love going for rides in the patrol vehicles. It made our day when they all would greet us as a little pack. We were always concerned with their health and conditions because it was a harsh lifestyle for them to grow up in. There were plenty of days picking ticks and barbs off the dogs. We cleaned them as best we could and it was always worth it. They loved us and we loved them. It was always sad knowing either we would have to leave them or they would have to leave us. Which is why we wanted to make sure they got the best we could give them. Unfortunately almost all of us lived in places we couldn’t take them home to. So we just hope that these loveable little guys can get the homes they deserve.”

The Gpak were rescued by Airmen deployed in Turkey. They adored these sweet pups and really did not want to leave them behind.

All of the puppies are not spoken for as the airmen that rescued them are stationed in Europe and cannot have pets. They adore these little ones and could not leave them to die with the winter approaching and disease and starvation the biggest enemy to puppies. Momma was too feral so she could not be rescued. The puppies are at a foster in the Istanbul area and are doing amazing. They are playful and fun and quite adorable. They are around 4 months old now and growing like weeds.