Oreo of Kuwait

Meet Oreo of Kuwait~

“I named her Oreo. For me I fell in love with her the first moment I saw her walking towards me. I spend time with her every morning petting her and giving her food that I bring from the DFAC and a bottle of water. She is so friendly even though the hardships she endures on a daily basis. Every morning she sees me she will come running and won’t leave my side until I get in my vehicle and drive away. Lately though when I go to leave she will sit on the road directly in front of me, I tried to get a picture of her doing this but as soon as I open my door she comes running to me. She is a delight and makes me smile every time I look at her. She has been nothing short of a blessing for me on this deployment.

I had been checking into adopting her but I really didn’t know where/how to go about it. I know the Kuwait police that work on the border with Iraq were very mean to her to say the least and were mistreating her. I never witnessed it but was told by someone who shall remain anonymous. Then a buddy told me about Puppy Rescue Mission. I immediately reached out to Anna and Michelle and we began the process. I changed my schedule around so I could go get her the next morning and take her to the vet.

I am so grateful for the Puppy Rescue mission program and the volunteers that make all this possible. I will be so happy when she is in my home where she will never have to worry about the dangers of the desert, starvation, dehydration or mean people ever again. She has been a blessing to me and I look so forward to repaying her for what she did for me for the rest of her life. The picture of me holding her is a happy day as we are walking into the veterinary clinic so she can begin the road to her new home!”

Oreo will be part of a program in the home town for this soldier called “Celebrate Recovery” and “Welcome Home” for veterans and there families to help adjust back to life home after being deployed.