Nugget the kitty

Meet Nugget of Afghanistan~

“After arriving to my location, I immediately started feeding all the animals. It became a running joke by everyone on my camp that all the cants and dogs were mine. The local construction workers came and found me one day saying they had kittens getting in their way at the lumberyard. Of course I had to go see the kittens. After spending all my free time for a few days enticing them with tuna one finally stopped hissing at me long enough to come out and eat some. That kitten is my Nugget. I raised him near my office so I could be with him all day. He runs to greet me every morning and tries to grab my foot to stop me from leaving every night. Knowing good and well I was not supposed to feed him or keep him at work I did it anyway. Nobody had the heart to take him away from me and now I don’t have the heart to leave him behind. Nugget deserve all the love I intend on giving him for the rest of his life I just need help bringing him home.”