Nala of Afghanistan

Meet Nala of Afghanistan:

“I first met Nala (the puppy’s name) while on patrol in Afghanistan. I spotted her under a bush just off the airfield trying to stay in the shade. When my team and I approached her, she started wagging her tail uncontrollably. She tried to walk from the shade but only made it a few steps and collapsed to the ground. As I got closer, it was clear she was malnourished and extremely dehydrated. With her mother no where in sight, i decided to pick her up and place her in the air conditioned gun truck. For the rest of the patrol she laid on my lap soaking up the cool air. Upon returning to base, we gave her food, water, and lots of attention. She was immediately a hit amongst all of the command. As her health improved so did the morale of the men.

We went back to the spot where we found her looking for her mother two days later, but the harsh life style here is very unforgiving. We did find a 3 to 4 year old nursing dog about one kilometer away. She was buried in a shallow grave. We figured that this was her mother, and without her Nala would not survive if released back on airfield.
Since then, Nala has become one of our own here. Everyday we go for walks and explore the base little more every day. She eats and sleeps with us. Goes on patrol with us. She is one of our own now. Nala has a huge heart and loves everyone! She has no fear of walking up to strangers and wanting to play. Nala and I have become the best of friends. We go everywhere together.

With Nala life is astronomically better. I have been deployed since Oct. 2016 and won’t be home till April 2018. Every day with her makes me feel human again. She is the most amazing thing that happened to me. I will everything in my power to return to her what she has given me. I love her with everything I have, and I will provide her a home with friends, family, and love for the rest of her life.”