Meet Muzzle~

“Muzzle was the third of three dogs that were living outside our Camp in the North section of the Kabul International Airport. The main gate where Muzzle lives is under constant threat from insurgent activity, such as small arms fire, suicide car bombs, and indirect fire. We routinely receive intelligence reports of terrorists planning large scale attacks at this particular entrance point; it is certainly not a safe place for any animal to live. Due to her small size and young age, we didn’t think that she would survive this month. We actually thought she died a little while ago, because she disappeared for 2 weeks and no one could locate her. Then, on the morning of 15 December 2018, she suddenly re-appeared at the main gate…looking like she was about to give up on life. The weather is becoming bitterly cold and she has nowhere to sleep except on the trash or cold concrete. We were shocked to see an animal so emaciated as this one, so we knew that we had to move quickly to get her into the Tigger House Shelter in downtown Kabul. Now that she is in the wonderful hands of the Tigger House staff (including the manager, Qais Hamdard), she can get the food, shelter, and warm bed that she has been denied for her entire short life. This dog is EXTREMELY friendly and well-behaved. She perks up every time she sees an American Soldier walking towards her, and immediately demands kisses and hugs. It may take a few weeks to get Muzzle back to eating normally and consistently, and we are confident that she can start putting weight on during her stay at the Tigger House. We know that she only understands living outside in the piles of trash and concrete bunkers; we hope she will get healthy soon find a loving home that is safe and comfortable for her.”