Meet Mo~

“Upon movement to our Pick-Up location from a successful raid of a Taliban stronghold I spotted a puppy laying in an open field. He was unable to move and close to death. Flies covered his body and I knew if I didn’t grab him he would die. He slept through his first helicopter ride all the way back to Kandahar. Once back safely to our camp I gave him a bath and put him to bed. Due to malnutrition he wasn’t physically strong enough to move around like a normal puppy does. I was able to acquire some food and water to feed/hydrate him. He was unaccepting of the meal and was force fed in order to regain strength. After the meal and a full nights rest he returned to normal puppy form the following day.

I personally have looked after Mo since his return to Kandahar. I’ve bathed, fed, and provided shelter for him. Even going to the PX and local Bazaar to get toys for him. We have created a bond that I can’t imagine losing. He follows me everywhere and even over watches me as I work out in the gym. We’ve become inseparable and the team refers to me as his Dad. Mo is a lucky dog to have myself as his father and the best 11 uncles a dog could ask for.

His infectious positive attitude lifted the spirits of the team. He has help create a camaraderie between us that we will remember forever. He has become part of the team and was even given a call sign of Bravo3. The benefit of being in the Special Forces is that you are assigned to the same Group for life. Therefore, everyone on the team will stay at the same location for the remainder of their career and continue their close relationship with Mo.”