Meiko of Iraq

Meet Meiko of Iraq~

A friend of mine was in another location. I am in the location that transports the dogs to the US. She was the one that named her Meiko because she looks like the raccoon from Pocahontas.  She texted me saying if we didn’t get them out of there, they most likely wouldn’t be around long, as dogs aren’t welcome on most bases. She arranged a flight from her location to mine. The dogs were in a large box, three pups and the mamma. I received them off the flight and met with the rescue folks to get them to safety.

I have one dog at home, a beagle/wiener dog mix. While I have been gone he has been he has been with another dog. Coming back, I wanted to find him a friend and companion. Rescues have always been close to my heart. I got to meet some folks that do something similar, but from Puerto Rico and wanted to do what I could to support your organization as well. When I met the pups and the mamma they were some of the sweetest dogs I have met, especially after just getting uprooted from the little bit they knew, and were not aggressive at all. I think the pup will be a wonderful addition to the family.