Meatball of South Korea

Meet Meatball of South Korea~

“I am an Unmanned Aviation Systems Maintainer and am currently on rotation to Area 1 of South Korea with B Troop, 2-6 Cav. We are on Camp Mobile, which is the Northernmost Airfield in South Korea. Shortly after arriving in Korea I found a small, malnourished stray dog hiding in the bushes outside of our hanger. She was so scared and skinny, she wouldn’t let anyone get closer than about 2 feet without growling and barking. I slowly gained her trust, and was able to feed her by hand, eventually getting her to come out of the bushes and explore a little. It took a little over a month, but I eventually got her to come out of her shell. She has blossomed into the most affectionate, and wonderful little dog I have ever met in my life. She jumps up and down and spins around every day when I come into work, then follows me everywhere I go all day long. She has warmed up to a few other guys from my platoon and is getting more used to people every day, but she only lets me pick her up or do anything with her. Currently she lives in our office, and comes home with me on the weekends because it is starting to get cold here. This beautiful little creature brightens up my day more than I could ever describe, and I could never imagine leaving her here to fend for herself when we leave. I have absolutely fallen in love with this dog, and I want to give her the safe home that she deserves.”

Such a sweetie! Headed to OHIO! Go Meatball Go!