Mazar Bear of Afghanistan

Meet Mazar Bear~

“Bear was a 2 week old brought to Camp Stevenson’s Base by the local soldiers. When I saw him, I immediately fell in love with this little ball of fur. We fed him cow milk and he made great progress. After a few weeks, I had to leave on R&R and left the puppy to the care of the local afghan soldiers. Upon my return, I was shockingly surprised the soldiers had cut his ears and tail – cold blooded. Bear was still healing and in pain. The soldiers intentions was to make this dog a fighting dog.

Needless to say how upset this made me and I decided then he needed to be rescued and offered a better life.

Bear has grown so much from January to March, into a playful little pup. He is the sweetest dog I’ve met so far. Loves to be carried like a baby (he remembers when I used to tuck him into my jacket while I walked around Base and he slept comfortable in my chest). He gets super excited that he pees in himself when he sees me arriving to play with him.

I can’t wait to get him home and offer him a decent life. Without me, Bear would have become a fighter dog – which he would have been trained to do, since he does not have a fighter spirit. His mellow and sweet tendency would have got him killed at the first try of fighting.

Thank you for helping me rescue this piece of my heart. “