Maya of South America

Meet Maya of South America~

“There is a large number of stray dogs in the area that we are working, and it has become the norm to “adopt” the skinny ones as a group and start feeding them, hoping to give them a little better life for the time we are here. Maya was the same. She showed up out of the blue one day and seemed so happy to receive the affection I and my fellow Marines were giving her. She was so skinny you could see every rib and her hip bones looked as though they might poke through her skin. Naturally we all wanted her to be healthy and started feeding her some of our MRE’s and leftover food scraps. As a collective group everyone called her “Asian Beef Strips” after the MRE that she ate the first time, but I thought a pup as sweet as her deserved a much more graceful name. I chose Maya because it reminds me of all the Mayan ruins and temples around the area and it just fit. She has been at our work site providing us with a wonderful distraction every day since the first. She is very playful, likes her ears scratched, doesn’t mind being carried around like a baby and she loves playing with the children at the school next door. I want to adopt her and bring her back to the U.S. because she has such a sweet personality and deserves so much more than being left on the streets to be chased away by the locals. She is still very young, and I want to give her a better life than what she is going to experience here.”