Meet Max of Afghanistan:

“Max was originally found and brought onto the ANA compound by the ANA commandos in approximately October of 2016 as a very young puppy. He was supposed to be the commandos’ mascot but eventually found his way to the American area of operation and never left. He was welcomed in by the American contractors working there and the US military personnel assigned to that area of the compound. He has been considered one of the guys since then.
After I arrived in February of 2017, he and I gravitated towards each other and I took on the main responsibility of making sure all of his needs were met. Ensuring that he was being fed and receiving water on a daily basis. I believe he is doing well but it still isn’t the home or environment that Max deserves. Instead of quick pats on the head as the guys are going about their busy workday, he needs to be at a home with a family to smother him with affection all the time. I believe the US would be a much safer environment for him living in an actual family residence with a fenced in grass backyard than within a few hundred meters of an active airfield.”