Luna Lou

Meet Luna Lou~

“Luna is a sweetheart, and the leader of her litter of puppies. She is incredibly good natured, and loved to explore around the compound, and enjoys being picked up, and hugged. She can also be pretty rambunctious, and is always trying to get her sisters to play with her. Whenever I go to her area, she immediately makes eye contact, and runs over to see me. You can look into her eyes and see how incredibly intelligent she is.

I chose the name Luna because I’m a Space Weapons Officer, and looking up at the moon reminds me of how beautiful the night sky is, and it points to one of the crowning achievements of humanity. When I look at Luna’s white & gray face I see that same beauty and love. I want to bring Luna home so that she can enhance the lives of my fiancee Casey & I, and so that I can help give her a better life, and a forever home.”