Lucy of Iraq

Meet Momma Lucy~

“Lucy, and another local dog, Prince Ali, started to come around our work every so often. Both of them clearly very hungry, and weak. They would slowly start making their way into our port dawg family. Not too long later, it seemed that Lucy started to trust us enough to bring a puppy to us! His name is  Bruce, and he was just as fun to be around as our first two. He would come some days, and other days he would stay back wherever their home may be. Finally it would seem that, Lucy trusted us enough to bring the rest of her family along as well. The two other pups would named Joey and Meiko, and this group of dogs greatly brought morale, companionship and increased our relations with the Iraqi Customs who would tell us stories about dogs they knew.

Not too long afterwards, someone decided to go and tell on us to the base commander.  He along with another officer, stopped by where we worked at and saw the dogs. We couldn’t hide them as we had no warning. They told us that someone would come by to get the dogs the next day, and we couldn’t bear the thought of whatever they planned to do with them, or losing our newly formed bonds, so we jumped into action to get them to Erbil where the puppy rescue mission could help get them the lives they deserve.”