LouLou of Turkey

Meet LouLou of Turkey:

LouLou is one of Sandy’s puppies located on a remote airbase in Turkey.

From her Airman:
“So many of the dogs in Turkey don’t usually make it past two years old due to weather, traffic, disease, hunger, etc. I would like to give not only this little puppy a chance at a happy life but to also make a family happy as well. Since we found her about a month ago living on the side of a mountain all alone; she has touched so many lives and brought happiness to people who are becoming home sick and lonely and missing their own family and pets. She is super friendly and is always excited to meet a stranger, she has become a good companion and friend, I just want to return the favor and take care of her as she has taking care of so many of us.”

LouLou is headed to INDIANA!!!