Liam & Shiloh of Turkey

Liam & Shiloh of Turkey:

These are 2 golden retrievers that were rescued from an abuse situation in the city of Izmir, Turkey. A young lady saw a man beating a dog and she reported him to the police. They arrested the man and the woman went back to see if the family would let her take the dog. That was Liam. The family did not protest at all BUT they had a surprise. The momma dog was in the basement. The woman said please let me take her too. They agreed. We learned of these 2 dogs from a rescue partner of ours that assists with the Turkey rescues we have. We then found out that Liam is a young 3 year old dog that is very depressed. He has some health issues that are being addressed now before he heads to the USA. Shiloh is an older momma dog and probably Liam’s mother. She is so sweet and petite and we could not separate these 2. We reached out to some of our friends and both Liam & Shiloh are going to Florida together! The woman that is adopting them is very excited and will give them safety and love for the rest of their lives.

We cannot wait for these 2 to arrive to the USA and live the life a dog deserves.