Lady Freya

Meet Lady Freya~Goddess of War~

“When I first arrived to this location I noticed an extremely thin and filthy dog digging into trash to try and get food. She was very timid of people yet friendly, I believe she was beaten and treated as a trash dog by the locals who for the most part do not like dogs. After a while I made a makeshift leash for her and we coaxed her inside, something she was terrified about, she still has some reservations about crossing doorways. After cleaning her up and feeding her chicken and rice we decided we needed a name for her. Most of us love Vikings and Norse mythology intrigued us. Since she was born in war and provided comfort to warriors we named her after the Norse Goddess Freya. After a few days of showing her it was ok to be inside she has started to warm up to the idea. She now spends her days waking up in my room, going outside to play and accompanying me and my teammates for runs, rucks or in the gym. She alternates her time from playing with her homemade chew toy and playing outside before going back to bed curled up on the mat in my room. Since we are in a country where dogs are not treated as they are back home we have not been able to find dog food or treats so she eats the same meals as we do, mostly chicken, lamb or beef along with bread and rice. She has never had an accident in the house and lets us know when she needs to go outside. She still has some work to do but is becoming more comfortable on a leash and has been very receptive to the training we tried, mostly basic obedience training such as not jumping on people or stealing food off of plates at the table. We are due to return to the states in approximately a month and because of the job and the location we are in she will end up becoming the filthy trash dog that will be mistreated by the locals. Alternatively if she were to come home with me, not only will she have a loving home with a loving family but she will still be among her teammates and friends she has made here.”