Meet Kujo of Afghanistan~

“She has always lived on the FOB, and would come out of the wood work or from behind a T-wall nearly every time someone on the team was running or rucking on the hardball. She has trotted nearly a hundred miles next to us as we ran or rucked. When we found out that there was a hit put out on her from base security we took her in and kept her on our own compound, built her a dog house, trained her the best we could and she has been a great companion for two months. I have a large house and lots of property for her at home and she would be a welcomed addition to our family.”

Kujo (we are referring to her as Kujie) is packing some little surprises that will be available for adoption in 4 months. She is one adorable girl. Her puppies should be so cute. She is to safety at the shelter and everyone is praying for a smooth birth for her babies. If you are interested in adopting a puppy email PRMadopt@gmail.com

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