Khaleesi of Afghanistan

Meet Khaleesi of Afghanistan:
” This sweet young pups name is Khaleesi and she was rescued by Americans as they were clearing a villager’s house that the Taliban had taken over. After finding and destroying an IED that was left in the house, the team could not leave this innocent puppy behind. As the team slept outside in the cold, Khaleesi would crawl into the sleeping bag and snuggle up to stay warm. No matter how bad your day was or how much of a tough guy you thought you were, Khaleesi would always brighten your day and turn the most battle hardened soldier into a big mush ball. I am now in the process of trying to get this gentle little girl home, instead of rubble and trash to run around on, she will have 2 acres of grass and trees to play on and around. Please donate and give this kind soul a new home, free of danger and most certain death.”

Such a doll!