Kandahar George

Meet Kandahar George ~

“One night when I was out looking for another dog that needed medical care, I saw this little guy come running towards our truck. But when I got out of the truck to give him food he went off in the other direction and hid in barbed wire. I left food for him and departed but I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I went back the next day and he scampered under a large container. He had no momma or siblings around him in this hot and desolate place. I lured him out with food and water but he still wouldn’t let me touch him. By day three, he would take food from me and try to play but he was still scared. On day four, I took food and a towel, which I used to quickly scoop him up. We decided to place him in a caged area where he would be safe. He is so sweet. He’s tolerated the removal of almost 100 tics from his little body, a bath, and lots of brushing. He does so with a smile and is so calm. We all love him, feed him, take him ice water, and will miss him. But we all want him to go to on to his forever home where he will be loved and have the best life. We realize he has some slight issues with his legs and it will take a little time for him to be completely healthy, but we could not abandon him. Please help us get George home!”