Meet Jax the Kitty of Afghanistan:

“Jax is a beautiful cat that is so sweet, kind, and extremely playful. Jax was found in the hazmat yard in Kandahar, Afghanistan were the contractors were taking care of him since he was a kitten. One day the hazmat yard boss said that Jax could not be at the yard anymore so vector control had to come get him. I work very closely with the vector control here on Kandahar and they told me that they had the world’s most adorable kitten ever and that I would fall instantly in love with him, which I did. Jax was so relaxed and sweet and has the cutest stubby legs any owner could adore. I wish to bring Jax home because he has been the only source of enjoyment and happiness since being deployed. Being able to see Jax on my worst days helps me with taking each situation day-by-day and that it could always be worse. “