Jasmine of Turkey

Meet Jasmine of Turkey:

“Jasmine is a female German Sheppard mix. Approximately 4 years old with a black coat with brown colored head and chest and about 30 pounds in weight. She has a timid nature, and very approachable to those around her. She followed a team of us back to the site after a run and has lingered around for the past few weeks. I, among others here at the site have been caring for her. Ensuring she is fed, watered and has the appropriate vaccinations. In the past few week I have created a bond and a long lasting friendship with Jasmine. She comes when I call her name and she has learned to sit and lay down. She love attention and is very playful. As my deployment comes to an end I would love for her to come home with me as I would hate to see her living as a stray and struggling through life. I have two kids of my own at home that have talked to her through facetime and they are loving and accepting of Jasmine. Please help me make this dream of mine and Jasmine’s come through.”