How to Help

There are many ways which you can help The Puppy Rescue Mission reunite soldiers with their battle buddies.  Please check out the different options below and select the method you are most comfortable with.  All donations help us accomplish our mission.

Cash Donations

There are several ways to make a cash donation to The Puppy Rescue Mission.  There are several cats and dogs that your donation could be contributed directly to in order to help them raise fund to come to America.  You may also donate directly to Puppy Rescue Missions General Fund. These donations are used by PRM to pay for vaccinations, crates, or where the money could best be used.  Finally,  you can choose to donate directly to purchase food or crates.

Our donations page outlines the different methods available.


Would you like to assist in the transportation or fostering of one of the animals while they are being routed to their permanent home with a soldier?  Perhaps you would like to organize a fundraiser for Puppy Rescue Mission.  Please contact our volunteer coordinator for find out how you can help.


Do you have a fundraising idea that you would like to help Puppy Rescue Mission implement?  Contact our fundraising coordinator to speak to us about it.  Also, please take a look at some of the fundraising events we have going on currently.