Hansel of Kosovo

Meet Hansel of Kosovo:

“I am a supervisor for the guards here on Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. I noticed Hansel and his brothers a few months back outside the wire. They were living on a farm, but after 2 of his brothers died I decided I had to save him. Kosovo has multiple programs to shoot stray dogs and most of the people who keep them use them for fighting. Once I finally saw the farmer I talked him into meeting me in town with Hansel. I parked out in town and waited. Once they finally came I saw no dog in the car, then the farmer got out and went towards the trunk. When he opened it I saw Hansel had thrown up all over himself. Few times in my life have I been so angry. They just don’t feel the same way we do about animals in this country. Once I had Hansel out of the trunk, I called Meg Ardner (who is amazing) and she brought us straight to the vet.

I have to get this dog home. Just like all dogs, he deserves a good life. And while I cannot help every dog, I know I can change Hansel’s story. I have a rescue GSD mix at home named Gretel who is full of energy and would love a little brother.”