Faya of Turkey

Meet Faya of Turkey:

Faya is one of Sandy’s puppies located on a remote airbase in Turkey.

From her Airman:
“As many of you know, I have been trying to bring Sweet Potato home with me. She was picked up over 15 days ago, today, but despite all efforts, she still contracted a violent strain of illness known as Parvo.

Parvo is a viral illness especially deadly to puppies. This virus can live on almost any given surface for months at a time, and out door, it can survive for a year. Although easy to get rid of by cleaning, most dogs that spread the Parvo virus in veterinary settings, will not show symptoms of the illness until later. This virus is extremely contagious and once a puppy has it, depending of the vet, there is only a 62 to 92% chance of the puppy surviving. I found out Sweetie had Parvo around September 29th.

Despite being at a vet, this is still a puppy killer, and Sweet Potato did not make it. I found this out October 2nd, very in the morning for me. She and two of her siblings lost to the virus. I had a hard time with not blaming myself for her getting sick. I told myself I should have gotten her out sooner, maybe that would have helped. Maybe I should have been paying more attention to how the puppies were acting. Maybe I could have done something. Ultimately, I could have done nothing different. This was unavoidable, and I still saved five puppies and their mother. I found that I was not as prepared as I thought I was. Sweetie was the second dog I lost while I have been away from home, and I couldn’t see either of them for a long time before I lost them. I have been stressed, upset, and I still am at work and away from home. I am pulled apart between letting myself be upset, and staying strong and emptying myself for work. I am entirely fortunate that I have been able to talk to my mom about it, as she has been very involved with Sweetie, as well as her own puppies.

Now, I have decided to still rescue one of Sandy’s puppies. One of them, a little girl who was also known for her mischief, was available for rescue. The money for Sweetie will now be for this new girl, Faya. Now that the puppies are over the hardest part of the illness and have an extremely high chance of surviving, I am comfortable letting you all know about Faya.

Faya, due to surviving Parvo, will be giving blood when she is of age to do so. She will have antibodies against Parvo and she should be able to help other dogs who get the virus. This is for her siblings, and so less people will have to go through what I went to.

I seriously want to thank everyone for supporting Sweetie and her coming home. I guess I wasn’t the only one wanting her to come home, and I am sure she will be waiting on the animal bridge for me, along side so many of my pets. I am feeling much better, and I do plan on making the best out of the situation I was given. I am looking forward to meeting and bonding with Faya, and I hope everyone will be just as excited to meet her as they were Sweetie. “